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It does not matter what your schedule looks like, we can help you set up a path to your dream body within your current framework.
Do you want to lose weight as fast and safely as humanly possible?

I assist all my clients from both personal experience and results, and the results I help my clients achieve.

I will assist you with your diet, exercise routine, supplement recommendations.

Everything that you need to get the results you are looking for.


Free consultation


We will establish if you are a good fit for our assistance.


You will receive a free meal plan that we use for fast results.


We will assist you with establishing where you are and where you want to go.


Answer any question you may have.

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Client Testimonials

I needed to lose weight before I was allowed to have an operation. I was living in constant pain and urgently need results.

Thanks to Chantelle`s guidance and the ongoing support I was able to reach the target weight and successfully got my operation.

I cannot express enough gratitude, Chantelle truly changed my life

Jakob Filips

When I decided to start my journey with Chantelle I was excited but also nervous.

Joining the 15day challenge was amazing, I was made to challenge my strengths, physically in the form of exercise, mentally in the sense that I needed to make lifestyle changes like food choices, water intake, and many more.

Although the days went by so fast I enjoyed meeting my fellow training buddies and felt proud when I could perform the exercises.

Being a woman that has suffered for years with Polycystic ovarian syndrome – Chantelle has helped me in the following ways:
Hirsutism has decreased so no excessive hair growth, my menstrual cycle is on time, my complexion and skin are glowing.

Besides that, I have no unhealthy cravings and I am ready to embark on healthier lifestyle changes.

When I was told 2 weeks would make a significant change for me, little did I know that the change was going to be so amazing.

I haven’t weighed post the challenge but my before and current pics speak volumes.

I would like to thank Chantelle for all the support- I can’t wait to see what the future holds and I am glad to be a part of her tribe.

Keshnie Pillay

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